Why do we share this?

WHAT DO WE BELIEVE:  We believe in modern medicine, especially relating to trauma and catastrophic illness, we believe that modern medicine does amazing things in reaction to injury and disease.

We also believe that there are active steps we can take to strengthen our body's own immune and other systems to be as strong and capable as they can be.  We believe that actively doing these things enables our bodies to fight off many things that most people end up having to seek medical attention for.   

1.  We are Rob and Sylvia, in our mid 50's and new empty-nesters with 4 grown children.  We have always believed in western medicine and like most when something affected our health, we would go to the doctor and get the fix.  Through our 30's and 40's we also came to realize that true health & wellness in life came from being actively responsible for your own care.  We also came to believe that western medicine simply isn't the only solution.  We firmly believe that good health & wellness come from many things.  An active life, vitamin and mineral supplements, chiropractic care, massage, balanced work and home life, western medicine, eating more naturally and Essential Oils and Essential Oil infused products.  Frankly the belief in the effectiveness in oils was an easy hurdle as most modern pharmacology is all plant derived anyway, simply modified in the laboratory.  So we share this with people looking for options for a better physical life, because we share good movies, good restaurants, vacation spots, cars, etc.  so why in the world would we not share this.

2.  In 2014, our youngest daughter was suffering from migraines.  Unfortunately her system also doesn't process pain medications either and she could not find relief (this issue was discovered with a severe bone infection from 2009 that she was hospitalized for).  Sylvia was talking to a friend about this and she shared the option of trying the essential oils that she was using to manage the pain.  We jumped on it and our daughter tried a couple combinations and had success.  She was able to manage the pain and it was a huge relief to her.  


3.  Based on our daughters experience Sylvia began looking through additional uses and this began the introduction of essential oils into our life.  Sylvia had struggled with her weight for 8 years and through many ups and downs never hit the right combination to make the weight come off.  Sylvia looked up which oils were best at assisting the body with her glandular system and metabolism.  She began using them and was seriously committed to a positive exercise routine and to moderate her intake of sugars and carbs.  The introduction of different essential oils into her routine allowed her body chemistry to level out her PH level, stabilize food cravings, stimulate her glandular system significantly improved her energy, metabolism and focus.  She successfully surpassed her goals and stabilized her weight loss, feels great, looks great and is very happy about what she has accomplished.  

Yes she feels much better in 2019 than she did in 2014

4.  I was a witness to this and I frankly had my own challenges to deal with.  High Cholesterol and low Testosterone.  I had been taking statin drugs and Testosterone hormone replacement because this is what the current "medical" community solution is to these challenges, I get that and understand it.  Well, I didn't like the statins and how they made me feel, frankly the jury is out on the long term effects of statins.  This was also true for the testosterone.  If your level is low the solution is to take hormone.  Well if you do that then your body stops making testosterone.  Answer, take more.  I didn't like that either.  The testosterone buzz made me lose focus, temper changes etc.  So on faith I looked up the oils that could positively support the systems in my body dealing with these areas.  So with my doctors knowledge I made some changes and began using an oil blend called Longevity and some others.  I also began using an oil blend called Mister.  It took a tough 3 weeks to kick-in because the body has to react to again making its own hormones.  My system was supported and with good diet, rest, exercise and focus on wellness I felt great.  I continued this for 8 months and had a full blood work-up with my doctor.  The lab-work came back and my values haven't been that good in years.  In fact all side-effects were gone and the effect of my own testosterone being made really smoothed out my emotional state as well as the physical.  My PSA was also very low and Liver functions were all fantastic, my doctor was blown away.  He just said keep doing what you're doing to support your system and maintain good exercise and we will continue to monitor.  Enjoy your life, he said. 



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