This is the fun part.  Time to get started! Click on the button below and you can become a retail customer or a member.  The choice is yours.  There is no charge to become a retail customer member and there is no obligation to purchase anything.  Becoming a member does have a membership fee but you get to pick the fee by deciding which Premium Starter Kit you want and your choice of Diffuser (my favorite thing).  This will determine your cost.  Why Become a Member?  24% off of the retail price is great reason why and completely worth it.  The only obligation you have is to purchase $50 worth of product in a 12 month period to maintain your membership as active.  If you have questions just shoot us a message and we will get back with you quickly.

Click the Product guide image below for Italy, Germany and France

            Italy                              Germany                           France

Also available in Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Czech and more just ask

Premium Starter Kit
Premium Starter Kit with Ningxia Red
Premium Starter Kit with Thieves
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