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So What Is All This About?

Updated: Feb 19, 2018

In our early 50's and with our kids growing up and moving out, it just hit us.  Talking through things that were most important to us for the next chapter of our life we concluded that for us, to enjoy our best life, we would have to truly understand what Health and Wellness meant.  We needed to own it and be responsible for the choices we make so we could enjoy the results and have the most fun together.

Generally speaking, It seems that most people look only to their health when something is wrong or they are sick or injured.  Frankly this a reactionary view, it's backwards. For example; it is probably best to only put gas in your car and just drive. No oil changes, no new tires, no maintenance schedule, just drive it until it won't start, then rush it to a car "doctor" mechanic and get it fixed. Yes crazy, but for many of us this is what we do with our health. At least with a car we can get a new one, you only get one shot at good health.

Living with the intention to experience life as opposed to it happening to you requires that you pay attention to how you are living. Doing the things that produce better wellness for you each day is easy given just a little thought. I am not talking about the latest diet or a special workout program, but I am talking living with a little more focus on the food we eat, how active we are, what we expose our body's system too, both internally and externally. No not becoming some robot - live life, you are still going to have the times when you indulge, live it up some, go ahead, it is just that you are aware of the indulgence and it isn't your daily routine.

We tend to question the conventional anyway, so we explored a lot of information regarding cleaner foods, reactions to illness, different products we used. We practiced much if this while raising our family, the kids have a great foundation but we needed to step up our game. What we lacked the most was the ability to support and enhance our body's amazing system to not only heal but to support our immune system itself. Why? Our body was created with an amazing capability care for itself, to heal and to recognize areas of weakness and to work to repair and prevent further damage to be done. The challenge? The chemical laden food, personal hygiene and homecare products we use daily we have created an environment where our body's system is continually in the mode of repair, fix and replace and it is simply overwhelmed. Even though you aren't sick you aren't really that well either and this continual state becomes the norm and we just accept it. Once you begin to do a few things differently, you allow your body to level out, pause a bit, rest and to reset the attention it gives to specific areas with far better results. For example; once you do the things that allow your body's ph to reset to a point of more equilibrium between base and acid your body no longer needs to use the resources trying to get your body to this point 24/7. Then your lymphatic system has a chance to do what it does best and assist your metabolism more effectively and all of a sudden that few pounds you have been trying to loose for years melts away.

We have completely embraced this over the last couple years and it has made a tremendous difference for us. So many people in our life have noticed this and we really enjoy sharing what we have learned and we all continue to grow together. We also know that health and wellness has universal appeal to people but few people actually do anything about it. Most because they really don't have the ability to find the resources to get the knowledge or have anyone that can help them get there. There are also many that just don't care about it and that ok, they aren't alone and we wish them he best, they are unfortunately among a large crowd. If you however are young or old, in-shape or not, but truly want to start a new chapter and energetically seek a life to be experienced instead of as a spectator watching from the window/TV. You are only a click away from a steady stream of support and encouragement that will meet you exactly where you are. For us now this is the most fun for us, being a wellness advisor is amazing when you get the feedback that we have gotten. We are making a difference in other people lives. It is a tremendous feeling of purpose and excitement.

So that is what this is all about. We are enjoying the benefits of a lifestyle that continues to improve in so many ways.  A greatest part of being a Wellness Advisor to people who are interested in finding a better rhythm to life is seeing the positive impact on their life. Something I don't get from my job BTW. Adding Young Living to your routine, enjoying a more active life with better food and transitioning your home to a more chemical free environment.  We have dramatically changed our health and wellness and we love helping others try it for themselves. 

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